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If This Goes On (Don't Panic) is a podcast about hope and resistance in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Cohosts Alan Bailey, Cat Rambo, Diane Morrison, and Graeme Barber interview a diverse breadth of writers, editors, activists, gamers, and various other members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy community.

Past guests include:

  • Charlie Stross
  • P. Djeli Clark
  • Bill Campbell
  • Tobius Buckell
  • Cadwell Turnbull
  • James Morrow
  • Malka Older
  • Ellen Datlow


Jul 6, 2020

On this episode of Quarantine Club we are joined by gamer, writer, and blogger Graeme Barber, also known as POC Gamer. We also talk with writer, editor, publisher, Bill Campbell. We discuss police brutality, racism in role-playing, and resisting social norms.

Please keep in mind the audio is not up to its usual quality because it was live streamed.